Friday, June 3, 2011

Wacky Alpaci!

I was on Nantucket for Memorial Day Weekend.  I snapped a few fun photos which I am going to post as three separate "themed" posts. Post #1 "Wacky Alpaci!"

Initially I thought that these were GIANT Llamas then someone (a small child, truth be told) informed me they were actually Alpacas (or is it Alpaci?)


3 of 5 Alpacas (alpaci?)
The MSPCA (on Crooked Ln.)  is in the background.
The other 2. I like how the brown one is peeking out from behind the white one.
Their barn is in the background on the left (wht. bldg.) the MSPCA is on the rt. (grey/brn/shingled bldg.)

Photos: ABG

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