Friday, June 3, 2011

Around the Town

Post # 3 of 3 "Around the Town" Here are a few pix from around the town of Nantucket over Memorial Day Weekend.

This is a great store, actually it is two stores, antiques on the top & maps in the basement. The sign over the basement window says "Scrimshaw".

Antique Store & Map Store

 There is an interesting story about the name Petticoat Row

Petticoat Row Bakery

The window boxes are shaped like boats.

Outside the Jared Coffin House

First Congregational Church

"Secret Garden" on West Chester St.

American Seasons

SECRET TIP:  This sign is on West Chester Street just up the block from Centre St. If you take a right here and walk up the hill, you will find the Oldest House.  It has a huge front yard and a garden in the back.  If you continue straight on, through the front yard, you'll see the house & the garden on your left.  Keep going straight ahead, you see an opening in the back fence.  This is the entrance to Coffin Park.  Follow the path and you'll see some picnic tables.  You've ended up at Something Natural! Treat yourself to a sandwich, cookie, Matt Fee Tea or all 3!
 Corner of Centre & West Chester Streets

Sunset at Galley Beach

Photos: ABG

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