Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am a lousy cook.  This is through no fault of my mother, who is a wonderful cook and who kindly and patiently taught my sister and me how to cook.  She also had the very cool idea of each of us making dinner one night a week once we were old enough to handle the responsibilty (at about 8 years old. I'm kidding!  We were at least 12.) I never liked it and insisted on following the recipe to the letter.  My sister was a natural and went freestyle with a recipe and never freaked out if we were out of an ingredient, she just substituted and ended up making it even better. I ended up trading with her so she would make my dinners and I would do her laundry and ironing.  Now she is an amazing cook and I can iron a shirt.  The irony is that I send everything (except lingerie) out to cleaned and pressed.  So for those of you who are lousy cooks like me or just want to enjoy Thanksgiving, I share with you the fabulous Epicerie Boulud option!