Friday, June 17, 2011

Every Resort Town Should Do This!

Stop & Shop Product Finder
They changed the Stop & Shop around. Forget about esthetics, where's the hummus? Here's the first version of where to find most things you want - we'll keep refining it as we visit and with any suggestions you send in. Click anywhere on the lists to download a printable pdf version. (I dont know how to add this feature allowing you to print a PDF but if you shop in Nantucket the original is from the Mahon About Town Newsletter dated June 16, 2011.)
Pancake Mix Aisle 1

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I don't care if they changed the store around or not as everyone who visits a new place never knows where anything is kept.  You end up with a crowded store filled with clueless people crashing their carts into each other every weekend.

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